Why are your competitors on the first page of Google?

Over 90% of consumers surf the internet before buying a new product or ordering a new services.  They enter keywords such as “book store Edmonton” into search engines which shows a list of relevant results.  The majority of users visit the top sites of these lists because they appear to be more relevant to the keywords selected.  Most businesses find their competitors on top of these lists instead of their own sites.

So what happens if you are not on the first page or two of these search engines?

People will not find your site.

The reason your competitors are ranked higher than the millions of other sites is because of something called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  The search engines collect information about pages on the website and rank these sites based on many metrics within the system.  When your page has a higher rank, more people will find you.  To get higher rankings your website must have all the items these search engines are looking for.  SEO looks for page titles, text, content, links, and other relevant elements contained in the HTML code of your website.

This way search engines will narrow down the results based on the content to show pages that contain the word searched more.  To get more business, your website needs to be on the first page of all major search engines.  Without SEO your website may never be found by your customers.

We help businesses increase their rankings, which in turn increase your visitors, which increase the call-to-action requested by your site.  For more information please contact us.